Review: Croatia- Nina Kraljic ‘Lighthouse’

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Nina Krajlic Croatia 2016 EurovisionNina Kraljic will represent Croatia at Eurovision in 2016 with her song ‘Lighthouse’. We take a look at the song in our review. Read on to find out what we thought of it.

‘Lighthouse’ is a powerful ballad that allows Nina to showcase both the fragility in her voice but also the strength in the crescendoing chorus. Ultimately the song takes the metaphor of a lighthouse guiding the way through stormy times and applies it to a human relationship. The effective imagery plays with light and darkness, being lost and found, the beauty but also destructiveness of nature (storms, lightning, thunder, water crashing down etc.) and evokes strong emotions heightened by the key change towards the end of the song.

The video for the song adds literal visuals to the imagery in the songs lyrics. We are given some beautiful aerial shots of a shoreside town with cracks of lightning illuminating the sky, thick clouds moving quickly over the landscape  and of course the song’s namesake- a lighthouse out on the rocks.

Nina has become one of the bookies’ favourites when she was chosen to represent Croatia, and while I think the song is compelling, I think it will only do okay at Eurovision, perhaps just outside the top ten. I feel as though there are one too many samey samey female ballads in the contest this year and this will affect Croatia’s chances, and will all be dependent on the running order.

Is Nina’s song your favourite of the songs in Group C of the Eurovision World Cup? Then be sure to vote for it in the poll below:

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