Review: Azerbaijan- Samra ‘Miracle’

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Samra Azerbaijan Eurovision 2016Azerbaijan were one of the last nations to announce their Eurovision act for 2016 unveiling Samra and ‘Miracle’ as their pick. Is it a case of good things come to those who wait? Find out in our review.

Azerbaijan are one of the most successful nations at Eurovision, especially in the past ten years. They have never missed a final and I have a feeling that this year will be no different. In fact, Samra may even propel Azerbaijan back into the top ten, with the country narrowly missing out last year with Elnur and nowhere near their form the year before with Dilara.

‘Miracle’ is a modern pop song, very much in the same vein as Ariana Grande with a few soulful verses, a catchy chorus and a powerful feminist message. The song’s lyrics indicate that it is the woman in control of the relationship- she is ready to move on from a man who has treated her badly and move on she is going to do. Lyrics like ‘It’s gonna take a miracle (woah oh)/It’s gonna take a miracle (woah oh)/ To heal this love/I won’t stay another night/This time I say goodbye/I’m letting you go.’ As well as ‘Guess I’m walking away’ and ‘Guess I’ve had enough boy’ all strengthen the female voice in the song.

The song opens with an anthemic bwuooosh, has obvious arabian influences, as most of the previous Azeri entries have, but remains modern at the same time. My favourite part has to be the ‘mirror mirror miracle’ part towards the end of the song.

The song will most definitely be in the final and perhaps even the top ten. It is more light hearted and upbeat than most of the other songs from female vocalists this year and should put Samra in good stead to qualify.

Is Samra your fave contender from Group D of Eurovision World Cup? Here’s your chance to vote for Azerbaijan and help her progress to the next stage, vote in our poll:

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