Review: Norway- Agnete ‘Icebreaker’

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Norway have opted for Agnete and ‘Icebreaker’ in 2016. Find out our thoughts on the song in our review.

I liked this song alot when I first heard it. It has a great vocal from Agnete, has a great pop vibe, a catchy chorus and some clever lyrics. However upon watching the Norwegian selection contest and hearing the song played multiple times while they recapped the performances waiting on the votes coming in, I grew tired of it and it’s kinda sickened the song for me. If this can happen to me in the space of watch a TV show for a few hours, maybe the song can’t withstand multiple listens?

The lyrics of the song reflect the cold elements with repeated use of ‘ice’ imagery. This is a welcomed change from the fire imagery cliche that we have come accustomed to at Eurovision. One lyric which I had clearly misheard was the use of “when I hear your lady”, which of course actually is “When I hear your May Day!”

Although the song has been tainted for me slightly, I still think it is a solid attempt from Norway and don’t see why it shouldn’t progress to the final of Eurovision this year.

Is Norway’s song your favourite of the songs in Group C of the Eurovision World Cup? Then be sure to vote for it in the poll below:

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