Review: Moldova- Lidia Isac ‘Falling Stars’

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Moldova Eurovision 2016Moldova had a massive amount of songs to choose from in the national selection final. The trouble was, none of them were any good. All the entrants either couldn’t hold a note, were tone deaf, had an awful song, had no charisma or a combination of all the above. In the end they opted for the best of a bad bunch Lidia Isac’s ‘Falling Stars’.

The song tries to go for a massive party banger song circa 2002 (think Cascada, Basshunter, Scooter) but comes across more of a damp squib. Instead of having the powerful rave element, it is more half assed and ballady and never really gets going.

In addition to this when you hear Lidia sing live, you can tell that there are certain weaknesses in her vocal range. Her voice literally cracks under the pressure, most notable when she goes for the high note on the word ‘briiiiiightest…’.

Lidia seems destined to repeat the poor record from Moldova to date and I imagine their tendency to not qualify for the final will also be the case in 2016.

Is Lidia your fave contender from Group D of Eurovision World Cup? Here’s your chance to vote for Moldova and help her progress to the next stage, vote in our poll:

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