Review: Germany- Jamie Lee Kriewitz ‘Ghost’

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Germany Eurovision 2016Germany have moved on from the controversial comments made by Xavier Naidoo and his subsequent withdrawal from the Contest as the German representative. Instead they have opted for teenager Jamie Lee Kriewitz and her song ‘Ghost’. We take a look at the song in our review.

Germany will be wanting to put their nul pointer performance from last year well and truly behind them in 2016. Ironic then that they have chosen someone who is almost a carbon copy vocally of last year’s artist Ann Sophie. That is not to say that Jamie-Lee cannot sing, she can. She has a very powerful voice and has the ability to hit all those high notes.

Jamie Lee Kriewitz (not to be confused with Jamie Lee Curtis, in fact if she looked like an actor I would say a young Janine Garrafalo) has a very quirky dress sense. Think Sweden’s Dolly Style without the cultural appropriation. You only have to look at her outfit she wore at the final of the German national selection show and you’ll immediately fall in love with her sense of style. Yes, that is a toy panda in her headwear!

The staging of the song is very atmospheric, darkly lit stage with only the background of a full moon to light the way. Spooky and befitting the song’s title ‘Ghost’. When the lights do come up they reveal a haunted forest, reminiscent of a creepy horror movie. They throw in some strobe lighting and smoke effects, well just because it Eurovision!

The song itself is a mid tempo ballad which is pleasant and enjoyable. The lyrics ‘This is the ghost of you haunting the ghost of me’, are particularly striking especially when sung by someone as young as Jamie Lee.

I think she will do her country proud and will get a solid finish mid table on the leaderboard.

If ‘Ghost’ is your favourite song from Group C of the Eurovision World Cup, you can vote for it in our poll:


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