Review: France- Amir ‘J’ai Cherche’

France Eurovision 2016

Amir was chosen as France’s 2016 Eurovision act. He will sing his song ‘J’ai Cherche’ in the final of the contest on 14th May. Ahead of that, we review his song. 

Songs sung in any language other than English haven’t done so well at Eurovision in recent years. In fact you have to go all the way back to Serbia’s song in 2007 no get a non English language winner.

Typically France deliver their songs in their native tongue and in recent years this hasn’t proven too successful. Last year for instance Lisa Angell’s ‘N’oubliez Pas’ finished in 25th place, while in 2014 Twin Twin finished dead last with ‘Moustache’, while a year prior to that they finished 23rd with ‘L’Enfer et Moi’.

This year France have gone for the slightest change in tact. Instead of performing the entire song in French, Amir will sing most of the song in French but the chorus will be in English.

This change seems to have paid off as the song has gained a lot of positive traction with Eurovision and and critics alike. The bookies even have the song as fifth favourite to win at 16/1.

The song itself is a fantastically positive piece of pop music. It’s upbeat with clapping noises and synthy sounds akin to Zayn Malik’s recent number one ‘Pillowtalk’. The song seems to have the message that if you persevere, you will succeed and as Amir proclaims in the lyrics he is “giving you life with my song!”

This message also comes across in the accompanying music video which subverts gender norms with a young boy who pursues dancing and a young girl who tries her hand at kickboxing. While both are bullied for their pursuits, ultimately it pays off (8 years later) for the girl who represents France at world class level in the sport and wins and medal and for the boy who in the flash forward seems to be preparing to go on stage in a professional production.

Is Amir your fave contender from Group D of Eurovision World Cup? Here’s your chance to vote for France and help him progress to the next stage, vote in our poll:


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