Review: Cyprus- Minus One ‘Alter Ego’

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Cyprus Eurovision 2016 Minus OneMinus One will represent Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. We take a look at their song ‘Alter Ego’ in our review. SPOILER ALERT: WE LOVE IT!

Minus One have all the tropes of a traditional rock band. They play their own instruments, they dress in black long coats, leather or hoods (even in the Cypriot sun) they either have shaved heads or long hair, they have multiple body piercings and they have gruff voices.

Their song ‘Alter Ego’ is for all intents and purposes a rock song. From the immediately impressive opening chord to the banging drums, guitar solos and even the howling.

Lordi aside, rock is a genre that tends not to perform well at Eurovision. However, I think that Minus One, this year, might be the exception. Like I have already outlined, ‘Alter Ego’ is very much a rock song, however it also has some elements that Eurovision fans will adore. Take for instance the catchy repetitive refrain of ‘Take it off/Take it off and get me through the night/Take it off/Take it off/ Until the morning light’. This is something that is instantaneously infectious.

Their video too, tells a story. The lead singer has an affinity with the wolf dog in the video. In fact it is his ‘Alter Ego’. Like with the direwolves in Game of Thrones, he wargs into the wolf’s body and it becomes a metaphor for his persona, reflecting the howls that we hear in the song. The scene with the stairs in the middle of the grassy field where he transforms into the wolf is particularly effective.

The wolf is an image that we’ve seen in Eurovision time and time again- we only have to look back to last year’s contest to see Azerbaijan evoking it in ‘The Hour of the Wolf’. However, instead of being a cliched image here, Minus One add a certain authenticity to it and adds meaning.

Cyprus is quickly becoming one of my favourite Eurovision songs this year. I would say that it is a dark horse, the one to watch, as I can see it qualifying easily for the final and giving Cyprus their best result in many years. What do you think? Have your say by voting in our poll.

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