Review: Malta- Ira Losco ‘Walk on Water’

Malta Eurovision 2016 Ira LoscoMalta chose Ira Losco as their 2016 Eurovision entry quite early on in the selection season. However, they had a last minute song change when they decided to drop ‘Chameleon (Invincible)’ which won the MESC competition, and replace it with ‘Walk On Water’. Will this alteration enhance their chances of winning? Find out in our review of the song.

The song swap was definitely the right way to go for Malta. ‘Walk On Water’ is very much the superior song to ‘Chameleon’ in every way. The new song allows Ira to show off her vocal range and diversity as a singer, while also presenting a thoroughly modern pop song that could easily be a number one hit across the world.

The song opens with an atmospheric ‘Ah ah oh’ that almost sounds like beach birds squawking, an unpleasant sound you may think, but something that adds to the imagery of the song’s lyrics and something again heightened in the accompanying video’s natural setting. The song starts out as a ballad but hits out a great big banger of a chorus that firmly implants itself in your head for hours after hearing it.

The water imagery in the song’s lyrics are enhanced by the music which at times sounds like someone has plunged into a pool, and the distorted sound effects that follow amplifies this further.  

The video meanwhile sees Ira literally embody the elements. From her sea blue dress to her sandy floating yellow number, but most bizarre of all is her lobster in tin foil number that is truly perplexing. In the video Ira stands cliffside over looking the sea with cuts to her dancing with a sexy male dancer on the beach who is enchanted by her. There are also shots of them underwater, the dancer splashing in a puddle and Ira walking on the coastline on the sea’s edge.

Ira Losco Malta 2016 Eurovision NI

Top: Ira Losco in Sea Blue Dress     Bottom: Ira’s Lobster/Tin Foil Ensemble

I really fancy Malta’s chances with this song. ‘Walk On Water’ will easily be in the top ten of the Eurovision Final, and given that Ira has performed on the Eurovision stage before, she is well placed to do as well as she did back in 2002 when she finished second with ‘7th Wonder’. But what do you think? Is ‘Walk On Water’ one of your favourites this year? If so be sure to vote for it in Group A of the Eurovision World Cup.


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