Review: Montenegro- Highway ‘The Real Thing’

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Eurovision 2016, Highway, MontenegroMontenegro have selected Highway to represent them at Eurovision 2016 with their song ‘The Real Thing’. We analyse the song in our review. Read on to find out what we thought…

Looking at the photo above of Highway as they performed at Judges’ Houses on the X-Factor Adria, you’d be forgiven for thinking they are a squeaky clean boy band with instruments a la Busted/McFly. However when we listen to their Eurovision song ‘The Real Thing’, nothing could be further from the truth.

Although the opening few seconds sound a little bit like the them tune to ‘Popstars’, what follows is a confused melee of rock drumming, screamo vocals and dubstep/electronica. The shouty vocal from the lead singer is hard to tolerate for the duration of the three minutes of the song and the lyrics are hardly ground breaking ‘Feel it. I’m the real thing. Yeah!’ In fact they even come across as a little bit rapey.

This creepiness comes across even moreso in the video which sees the band with their hoods up in a darkened room, lit only by strobe lights and interspersed with a sexy woman dancing in a lycra swimsuit in the background.

Then there is the woman herself who does her best attempt to hide how awful the song is with some hairography (see ‘Glee’). She fist pumps the air, she shakes her hair around seductively and even at one stage strangles her own hair.

This song is something a little bit different, but too different and not good. As such I feel that we won’t be seeing Highway performing in the Eurovision Final in Sweden. But what do you think? Is the song one of your favourites? If so be sure to vote for it in our Eurovision World Cup Competition. They’re in Group A and the poll is below.

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