Review: Hungary- Freddie ‘Pioneer’

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Hungary A DAL Eurovision 2016Freddie stomped to victory at Hungary’s A Dal national selection final and was chosen to represent the nation at Eurovision 2016. His song ‘Pioneer’ was an early favourite and beat off stiff competition from former Hungarian Eurovision participant Andras Kallay Saunders. But what did we make of ‘Pioneer’?

There is certainly no denying that Freddie has an interesting voice. His raspy, gruff vocal makes ‘Pioneer’ stand out from the crowd. The song starts out as a soft ballad and builds with whistles and piano, an epic pre-chorus key change and a strong hook with ‘A million hearts of a million people…’. Couple these plus points with Freddie’s scruffy appearance and sex appeal and Hungary may be on to something here.

One the flip side, the lyrics to the song are at times indecipherable and sometimes you struggle to make out the message of the song. Judging by the staging of the song at A Dal, Freddie’s stage presence may be a bit lacking. He seems to just stand there behind a microphone stand and sing. If he is going to do well at Eurovision, he will need to bring more of a spectacle to his performance.

The bookies have ranked the song as 15th with odds of 40/1. The song will most likely qualify from its semi final on 10th May, but I think it will finish middle of the pack on final night. Are you a fan of Freddie? You can vote for ‘Pioneer’ in Group B of the Eurovision World Cup Competition in our poll below.

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