Review: Poland- Michal Szpak ‘Color of Your Life’

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Michal Szpak Poland Eurovision 2016Poland’s decision to select Michal Szpak as their entry for 2016 sparked universal outrage from Eurovision fans, many of whom saw Margaret’s ‘Cool Me Down’ as the obvious pick. Poland had been riding high in the betting odds before the selection, and has since plummeted from firm favourites to outsiders at 66/1. Some fans have gone to great lengths to overturn the decision, starting an online petition for the national broadcaster of Poland to repeal the decision and replace Michal with Margaret. But is his song all as bad as that?

Well, yes. It’s not great. The long haired, tortured soul opens his song ‘Colors of Your Life’ with the joyous proclamation: ‘When loneliness is knocking on your door…’ Way to get the party started! The depression continues as the song progresses with lyrics like ‘No life without fear’…hmm, someone should tell this guy that he’s performing at Europe’s biggest party!

The vocal is not much better. Michal wails his way through the song spouting pained ‘ooohs’ like nobody’s business. The song is tough to listen to, especially the live rendition. In essence the song is a horrible piano ballad that put me in the mind of Austria’s entry from last year from the MakeMakes- which achieved nul points!

The only redeeming factor is that he seems to have borrowed Chery; Cole’s red military jacket from her ‘Fight for This Love’ video. Now that’s a decent pop song.

If Poland’s entry is your favourite, don’t let our critique get in your way of voting for it in our poll below for Eurovision World Cup Group B.

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