Review: Lithuania- Donny Montell ‘I’ve Been Waiting for This Night’

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Eurovision Lithuania Donny Montell

The Lithuanian national selection process was hard to watch. Mainly because it was pretty clear that Donny Montell was the obvious winner eight weeks ahead of him actually being crowned champ. The song he will sing at Eurovision 2016 is called ‘I’ve Been Waiting For This Night’- a commentary perhaps on the process? Just kidding! But what did we make of his song?…

Donny Montell is no stranger to Eurovision. He competed back in 2012 with ‘Love is Blind’. Now at the ripe old age of 28 you would think that Donny’s voice would have matured, but unfortunately it oozes prepubescent irritation.

The song itself contains hackneyed lyrics that are hard to stomach, however for all this you can’t deny that the chorus is catchy as heck. The lines  ‘For a thousand years, through a million tears/With a hungry heart, every day apart/ I’ve been waiting for this night, I’ve been waiting for this night’ resound in your head long after having heard the song. I must also admit that there is something powerful in the refrain ‘Here we are together you and I’.

The video for the ‘I’ve Been Waiting For This Night’ depicts a nightlife scene, then with the appearance of a seductive lady Donny is enticed to join a party that looks like a set of outtake scenes from TV show Skins. Not the good First Generation parties, the dreadful Third Generation cliched nonsense. People at the party pop champagne, crowd surf on bodies making out and even blow what looks like popcorn at each other. Okay…

Interspersed with the party scenes are shots of Donny giving us his best boy band hand grabs and pained expressions. The Seductress returns, the pair go running through the streets with sparklers, eat a kebab and the big reveal is that she has the name of the song tattooed on her arm. WOAW! All I can say is that if he was waiting for THIS night in particular- why bother?!

Have you been waiting a thousand four years for Donny to return to Eurovision? Is he your fave in Group A of our World Cup Competition? If so be sure to vote below!

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