Review: Belgium- Laura Tesoro ‘What’s The Pressure?’

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Eurovision 2016 Belgium Laura Tesoro

Belgium have chosen Laura Tesoro with her song ‘What’s The Pressure?’ As their pick for Eurovision 2016. She won the Belgian selection show Eurosong 2016 back in January, fighting off competition from four other acts. But what do we make of her chances in Stockholm? Read on to find out.

Although I absolutely adored Amaryllis’ ‘Kick the Habit’ and many other Eurovision fans favoured Tom Frantzis’ ‘I’m Not Lost’ song from the Belgian selection show, Laura Tesoro was a worthy winner.

Her voice has a playful naivetĂ© to it that is both charming and endearing. The song itself is a funky booty shaker that is very much in the same mould as Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ and Fleur East’s ‘Sax’. It’s jazzy and poppy and it’s brilliant.

The video sees Laura perfect her dance moves, which on the live selection show were at times awkward and clumsy. Now however, she has more confidence and has the choreography down and I’m very excited to see the staging of her performance come May time.

The video also sees Laura’s red haired ringlets blown by a wind machine, her trademark sequin jacket and ends with her tagging graffiti of the title of her song on a wall, all of which add to her innocent charm.

I think this song has potential to be a dark horse and perform rather well. I would like to see it qualify for the final and could even threaten the first half of the leaderboard. I don’t think however that it is strong enough to match the position of the last Belgian entry Loic Nottet.

Is Laura Tesoro’s ‘What’s The Pressure?’ your fave Eurovision song in Group A of our World Cup contest? If so be sure to vote for it below.

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