Review: Russia- Sergey Lazarev ‘You Are the Only One’

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Russia Eurovision 2016 Sergey LazarevDespite a backlash from some Eurovision fans including booing that saw Polina Gagarina in a flood of tears last year, Russia have been on top form recently. In the face of  the boos Gagarina still managed second place in 2015. Prior to this they came in seventh in 2014, fifth in 2013 and who could forget the famous Russian grannies in 2012 who claimed second place just behind Loreen. Russia it would seem are on a roll, but can Sergey Lazarev give them their second ever win? Read on to find out what we made of his song ‘You Are the Only One’.

I don’t want to be too presumptive but I think you’re looking at the winner of Eurovision 2016 right here. When it was announced that Sergey Lazarev was the Russin pick for 2016 I had a listen to his back catalogue. Every song was infectious. Tune after tune after non stop hit. Songs like ‘Take it Off’, ‘Alarm’ and ‘Stumblin” have supplanted him firmly on my iPod playlists. He has even had a hit with ‘Cure the Thunder’ a duet with American rapper T-Pain.

He’s not bad to look at either. Just look at him in these pink skinny jeans from the ‘Take it Off’ music video.

Sergey Lazarev Russia Eurovision 2016

I have to say I was slightly disappointed when ‘You Are the Only One’ was first revealed. I felt that it didn’t live up to his poptastic hit factory discography. It was a bit too slow and ballady. However it is a grower and the more you listen to it the more you like it. It’s a mid tempo electro pop song with a catchy chorus and it helps it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The video opens with Lazarev arm in arm with a woman on a large set of CGI petals. Then there’s the iconic shot of him lying in bed, again with next to nothing on while the shadowed lines encompass his body as pieces begin to ebb away. So much naked man flesh- is Russia conflicted about their promotion of homosexual values?

Already one of the firm favourites with the bookies (I have even placed a sneaky bet on it myself), it would hard to say that this song will not feature in the top three, if not win the whole competition.

Is Sergey Lazarev the only one for you? If so be sure to vote for him in Group B of our Eurovision World Cup Contest. Vote below:


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