Review: Armenia- Iveta Mukuchyan ‘LoveWave’

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Armenia Eurovision 2016 Iveta

Iveta Mukuchyan will represent Armenia at Eurovision in 2016. She will perform her song ‘LoveWave’ in the first semi final on 10th May. Read on to find out what we made of her entry.

‘LoveWave’ opens with the breathy whispers of a conversation between two lovers, that kind of reminded me of the end of Shakira’s song ‘Don’t Bother’. A full eighteen seconds into the song Iveta’s vocal starts properly, but it isn’t until we hear what sounds like a Turkish bagpipe that we begin to get a good sense of just what the song is about. The song is a power ballad that sees Iveta belt out a strong vocal. At times it seems a little confused like when we get a dubstep beat thrown in for good measure that doesn’t sound too unlike the Black Eyed Peas ‘Time (Dirty Bit)’, however the culmination of a boisterous chorus is what we’re waiting for and when we get it we can rejoice. It just seems like it takes to long for this to come.

The video for the song sees Iveta do her best teenage girl Instagram impression, pouting with duck lips and whipping her hair back and forth like she’s Will Smith’s daughter. Then there’s Thor with a man bun, the artistic blowing of a dandelion, several white dresses and of course, given the title of the song: a WIND MACHINE!

I do enjoy this song, however you get three minutes to impress at Eurovision- the song is cut short at 2 minutes 53 seconds, it takes a whole minute to get to the core of the song- leaving just over a minute of a song you can actually get your head around.

I think this song will be on the cusp of qualifying for the final, but it will be touch and go.

What do you make of Armenia’s song? If it’s your favourite from Group A of our Eurovision World Cup- vote for it in our poll below.

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