Review: United Kingdom- Joe and Jake ‘You Are Not Alone’

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Eurovision 2016

Joe and Jake are a duo who met on the fourth series of BBC talent show the Voice. Although they competed as solo artists, the two felt a connection and combined forces to be considered for the UK’s Eurovision selection show ‘You Decide’. The pairing seemed to work as their song ‘You’re Not Alone’ was selected to represent the nation at Eurovision 2016. Read on to find out what we made of their song.

Joe and Jake seem to be going for a singer/songwriter vibe with ‘You’re Not Alone’. A rule at Eurovision however means that no live musical instruments are allowed to be played on stage, something that shouldn’t be an issue as Jake strums his guitar merely as a prop.

The song itself suits the duo as it is an extension of their personality in that it is mostly dull bar a few moments of cheery, smiley, poppy bursts, mainly in the chorus.

The video that accompanies the song is just as dull. It sees the twosome perform their song on as stage lit up with spotlights, followed by additional strobe lighting- very similar to Ireland’s Nicky Byrne who does the same in the video for his 2016 Eurovision song ‘Sunlight’. Two thirds of the way into the video the pair are joined by an audience of fans, however the editing of the video makes it seem that their fan base is rather sparse.

The song is a solid effort with a particular emphasis placed on a catchy chorus. The lads must be commended for their enthusiasm and their passion for competing in the Contest really comes out in any interviews that they’ve done so far.

Recently the UK haven’t fared very well at Eurovision and although they automatically qualify for the final as part of the Big Five, it is rare that they finish on the first half of the leaderboard. I can’t help but feel that this won’t change much this year. I feel as though the song could break the top 20, but may not do much better than that.

Is Joe and Jake you favourite song in Group A of our Eurovision World Cup Contest?Vote for the UK below in our poll:

8 thoughts on “Review: United Kingdom- Joe and Jake ‘You Are Not Alone’

    1. I agree. It’s not horrendous but it’s not memorable enough to propel it into the top end of the table. I also think it’s disadvantaged by not competing in the semis, as this would give them an added chance to promote the song.


      1. Indeed. Personally I think Russia are the ones to beat, although I think Spain, Estonia, Latvia and Australia could also push for success. San Marino have the worst entry of the year. Croatia seem a little overrated, as does Russia, while I think the Czech, Dutch and Belgian entries are a little underrated.

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      2. Russia is one of my faves (was hoping for a poppier number from Sergey though), put a wee tenner on him to win. Also a fan of Netherlands, Iceland, Denmark and believe it or not Cyprus.


  1. I can see Russia winning – it’s upbeat, fairly modern, but also rather generic. Iceland’s entry is good, but I find Denmark quite unforgettable. Cyprus’s entry has quite a few fans, they might surprise a few people if they can put on a great live show.

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