Review: Spain- Barei ‘Say Yay!’

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Barei Spain Eurovision 2016

Barei was selected as the Spanish Eurovision entry for 2016 when she won the ‘Yo Decido’ competition in January. We review her song ‘Say Yay!’, read on to find out what we thought. Will we say yay? Or will we say nay?

‘Say Yay!’ is a fun, upbeat song that is about celebrating positivity, learning from your past mistakes and essentially, as the title suggests, saying ‘Yay yay yay!’. The lyrics reflect this with lines like ‘You keep on climbing over hills/Right now you’re following your dreams’ and ‘Come on and raise your battle cry/You are the one who never dies’.

Barei’s vocal is raspy, breathy and seductive, however at times some of the lyrics are lost as her voice can be unintelligible. 

The accompanying video reflects the ‘never give up’ attitude of the lyrics. We see a diverse selection of urban youths dancing to the backdrop of graffitied city landscapes, underground stations, postered walls and bridge tops. Mid way through the video these individuals look quite despondent, even in despair, however when the uplifting chorus kicks in they are restored to their former upbeat selves and are able to resume their dancing.


Barei seems to have a strong social media following, but will these be translated into points at Eurovision? I predict that the song will do moderately well and will finish between 10th and 15th place in the final.

Is Barei your favourite song from Group B of our Eurovision World Cup Competition? Vote for her in the poll below:

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