Eurovision World Cup 2016

Eurovision World Cup, Poll

Eurovision World Cup 2016Eurovision has been hailed by many as being the ‘Gay World Cup’. So what if the format for Eurovision was more like the World Cup? We have placed all the countries competing in Eurovision into different pots depending on their staus/geographical location/history in the contest to make the draw fairer. The pots consisted of-

Pot 1: Spain, France, UK, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Australia
Pot 2: Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus, Albania, Moldova
Pot 3: Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary
Pot 4: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Poland
Pot 5: Azerbaijan, Romania, Bosnia-Herz, Greece, Israel, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia
Pot 6: San Marino, Cyprus, Malta

This draw then determined the group stage with one act from each pot in each group (see below). We will ask you to vote for your favourite in each group in our poll. Dates of when each poll will be active are below:

Group A and B– Poll opens 20th March, Poll closes 27th March

Group C and D– Poll opens 27th March, Poll closes 3rd April

Group E and F– Poll opens 3rd April, Poll closes 10th April

Group G and H– Poll opens 10th April, Poll closes 17th April

Group Stage
 Group A  Group B Group C Group D
United Kingdom Spain Germany France
Armenia Russia Georgia Moldova
Belgium Hungary Croatia Austria
Lithuania Poland Norway Latvia
Montenegro Macedonia Romania Azerbaijan
Malta Cyprus San Marino
Group E Group F Group G Group H
Australia Ireland Sweden Italy
Albania Belarus Bulgaria Ukraine
Netherlands Switzerland Czech Republic Slovenia
Estonia Iceland Denmark Finland
Serbia Bosnia/Herz Greece Israel

Start Voting!!!

Knock Out Stages

Match 1 (Poll opens 17th April, closes 24th April)

Winner of Group A: United Kingdom

Runner Up Group B: Poland

Match 2 (Poll opens 17th April, closes 24th April)

Winner Group B: Russia

Runner Up Group A: Armenia

Match 3 (Poll opens 17th April, closes 24th April)

Winner Group C: Georgia

Runner Up Group D: France

Match 4 (Poll opens 17th April, closes 24th April)

Winner Group D: Austria

Runner Up Group C: San Marino

Match 5 (Poll opens 17th April, closes 24th April)

Winner Group E: Albania

Runner Up Group F: Iceland

Match 6 (Poll opens 17th April, close 24th April)

Winner Group F: Ireland

Runner Up Group E: The Netherlands

Match 7 (Poll opens 17th April, closes 24th April)

Winner Group G: Denmark

Runner Up Group H: Ukraine

Match 8 (Poll opens 17th April, closes 24th April)

Winner Group H: Slovenia

Runner Up Group G: Greece

Quarter Finals

Q1 Match (Poll opens 24th April, closes 1st May)

Winner Match 1:United Kingdom

Winner Match 5: Albania

Q2 Match (Poll opens 24th April, closes 1st May)

Winner Match 2:Russia

Winner Match 6: Ireland

Q3 Match (Poll opens 24th April, closes 1st May)

Winner Match 3: France

Winner Match 7: Ukraine

Q4 Match (Poll opens 24th April, closes 1st May)

Winner Match 4: Austria

Winner Match 8: Greece

Semi Finals

Semi 1 (Poll opens 1st May, closes 8th May)

Winner Q1: Albania

Winner Q3: France

Semi 2 (Poll opens 1st May, closes 8th May)

Winner Q2: Ireland

Winner Q4: Austria

Final (Poll opens 8th May, closes 13th May)

Winner Semi 1: Albania

Winner Semi2: Ireland

Eurovision World Cup Champion 2016: Ireland- Nicky Byrne ‘Sunlight’

15 thoughts on “Eurovision World Cup 2016

      1. Hi Archie, thanks for your comments. This poll is in no way fixed. It just so happens that a lot of our readers are from Ireland or are fans of Nicky Byrne in particular. If you check the Twitter account linked to the blog you will see that Nicky Byrne’s fans have widely shared the link to the poll and encouraged other fans to vote. And I wouldn’t be so sure about Ireland not qualifying for the final. We’ll have to wait until May to find that out.


      2. To Author But the thing is. It’s all of the polls. How did San Marino Get In? And Georgia. They are obvs fixed. And u know it! And how did Spain And Germany not get in? Pure fixed😑


      3. I just think that people shouldn’t give a country loads of points at a time. People should be allowed to do 2 a day..


      4. I’ve replied to all your comments. I’ve already explained to you how the polls are not fixed. How is the most popular songs topping the polls indicate a fix. Just because you don’t like a certain song doesn’t mean that everyone feels the same. I singlehandedly run this blog in my spare time for a bit of fun. Please take your rude comments elsewhere.


      5. How Am I Being Rude? Your Being Rude To Me! And lets see The Betting Odds….
        Ireland 26th
        Albania 37th!
        And how Is Australlia In the Bottom. These Websites Are What Makes Eurovision BORING


      6. How are you not being rude to me? You’re trolling my blog. I don’t think I’ve been rude to you, if anything I’ve been very patient with you. Look at the end of the day the votes speak for themselves. Fans of Albania and Ireland are voting for the songs and that’s why they are ahead in the polls. The betting odds also don’t count for much. They very rarely pick the winner. I will take your feedback on board and in the knockout stages of this contest I will make it that it’s only one vote per person.


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