Albania and Malta get song title changes!


Albania Eurovision 2016 EnedaBoth Albania and Malta were quick to choose their Eurovision artists and song with Albania opting for Eneda Tarifa in December and Malta a month later choosing Ira Losco. However, it would seem in their haste that they were unhappy with the finished result as both have now decided to alter their songs for Eurovision 2016. 

Albania’s Eneda Tarifa had previously been down to sing in Albanian her song ‘Peralle’ with which she won the national selection final the day after Boxing Day. Now she has decided to change tact and will instead sing the song in english, renamed ‘Fairytale’.

While Albania have decided to change the language of their song, Malta have decided to change their song entirely. Ira Losco won the Maltese selection show in January with ‘Invincible (Chameleon)’, however despite this song being chosen by the public as the winner, she has decided to ditch it entirely, choosing ‘Walk on Water’ as her replacement. The new song has yet to make its debut, in the meantime here is the song she has given the elbow to:

What do you reckon to these last minute changes? Did you prefer the old songs? Should they be allowed to change their song given the public chose a different one? Share your thoughts below!

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