Frans Wins Melodifestivalen!


Frans Sweden Eurovision 2016Frans has won Melodifestivalen and will represent Sweden when they host the Eurovision in Stockholm in May with song ‘If I Were Sorry’.

Melodifestivalen is the Swedish selection show for Eurovision where 28 acts have been competing over the past seven weeks. Twelve made it through to tonight’s final were Frans was triumphant over Panetoz, Lisa Ajax, David Lindgren, SaRaha, Oscar Zia, Ace Wilder, Robin Bengtsson, Molly Sandén, Boris René, Wiktoria and Samir & Viktor.

Samir and Viktor Sweden Eurovision 2016

                        Samir and Viktor perform ‘Bada Nakna’!

After all acts performed and a special performance from reigning champ Mans Zelmerlow, it was time for the results. First up was the international jury votes, and there was by no means a clear winner. The countries gave their 12 points as follows: Bosnia Herzegovina (12 points to Frans), Cyprus (12 points to Frans), Belarus (12 points to Oscar Zia), Netherlands (12 points to Ace Wilder), Estonia (12 points to Frans), Israel (12 points to Wiktoria), Italy (12 points to Ace Wilder), Slovenia (12 points to Ace Wilder), France (12 points to Frans), Norway (12 points to Wiktoria), Australia (12 points to Ace Wilder).

After the International jury vote Oscar Zia led with ‘Human’, just one point behind was Frans with ‘If I Were Sorry’ and rounding up the top three was Ace Wilder with ‘Don’t Worry’. While we awaited the closing of the phone lines we were treated to a best of medley of past Melfest contestants including Timotej, Mariette, Linus Svenning and Sarah Dawn Finer.

Next up was the votes from the Swedish public televote. When the scores were totted up the winner was Frans. The full results table is below. Have Sweden made the right choice? Can they win two Eurovisions in a row? Leave us a comment below.

Draw Artist Song Juries Viewers Total Place
Votes Percentage Points
1 Panetoz “Håll om mig hårt” 14 8.2% 39 53 8
2 Lisa Ajax “My Heart Wants Me Dead” 23 6.9% 33 56 7
3 David Lindgren “We Are Your Tomorrow” 11 5.9% 28 39 11
4 SaRaha “Kizunguzungu” 11 7.7% 36 47 9
5 Oscar Zia “Human” 89 9.1% 43 132 2
6 Ace Wilder “Don’t Worry” 83 7.4% 35 118 3
7 Robin Bengtsson “Constellation Prize” 40 9.0% 43 83 5
8 Molly Sandén “Youniverse” 39 7.8% 37 76 6
9 Boris René “Put Your Love on Me” 6 7.4% 35 41 10
10 Frans “If I Were Sorry” 88 14.4% 68 156 1
11 Wiktoria “Save Me” 69 9.5% 45 114 4
12 Samir & Viktor “Bada nakna” 0 6.7% 31 31 12

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