Polish Eurovision Fans Start Petition to Replace Michal with Margaret


Michal Szpak Poland Eurovision 2016

Polish Eurovision fans have begun an online petition urging the Polish government to overturn the decision that saw Michal Szpak’s ‘Colour of Your Life’ chosen as their Eurovision 2016 pick. The fans were outraged that their favourite and runner up Margaret was not chosen as the Polish Eurovision act during Krajowe Eliminacje 2016 at the weekend.

The petition, started on change.org, has received over 2,000 signatures since it started just days ago. It urges the government to replace Szpak’s song with Margaret’s ‘Cool Me Down’.

Margaret had received universal praise from Eurovision fans and even had Poland ranked as one of the favourites in the betting odds, assuming that she would win. Since the decision went in Spzak’s favour instead, the Polish Eurovision odds have drifted as far as 16/1.

The decision is unlikely to be overturned given the controversy that has surrounded new media laws in Poland that could see tighter state control of media outlets. In light of these laws, Polish national broadcaster made a point of moving away from internal selection and letting the fans choose the act in a national selection show. To overturn the decision would surely undo this and undermine their efforts.

We’ll find out if this petition has any impact on the Polish entry for 2016 soon, as all songs have to be approved by EBU by the end of March.

What do you think? Should Poland stick with Michal Szpak? Should Margaret represent them instead? Should they be allowed to overturn the decision? Leave us a comment below.

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