STARstruck! Hovi STAR Wins Israel’s Rising STAR with ‘Made of STARS’!

Hovi Star Israel Eurovision 2016Tonight saw the end of Israel talent search competition ‘Israel’s Rising Star’. After months of auditions, eliminations and tonight’s final, Hovi Star was crowned the winner with song ‘Made of Stars’ which he will sing, representing Israel at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

Star won over the other three remaining competitors; Nofar Salman (second place), Ella Daniel (third place) and  Gil Hadash (fourth place). The final saw the four acts compete over two rounds which saw the four acts duel against each other with covers of well known songs.

Hovi Star and Nofar Salman qualified for the final round based on the public vote having performed versions of ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘Mangina’ respectively. Going through on the jury vote with her edition of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ Was Ella Daniel, while Gil Hadash was eliminated.

The second round saw all three perform original songs written with the purpose of being the Israeli Eurovision entry for 2016. Ella Daniel finished in third with ‘Somebody Out There’ while Nofar and Hovi both perfromed renditions of ‘Made of Stars’.

In the end it was Hovi Star who was crowned the winner with 68%, while Nofar was just 1% behind him on 67%. Have Israel made the right decision? What do you make of the song? Let us know you thoughts below.

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