Review: Croatia- Nina Kraljic ‘Lighthouse’

Nina Krajlic Croatia 2016 EurovisionNina Kraljic will represent Croatia at Eurovision in 2016 with her song ‘Lighthouse’. We take a look at the song in our review. Read on to find out what we thought of it. Continue reading

Review: Azerbaijan- Samra ‘Miracle’

Samra Azerbaijan Eurovision 2016Azerbaijan were one of the last nations to announce their Eurovision act for 2016 unveiling Samra and ‘Miracle’ as their pick. Is it a case of good things come to those who wait? Find out in our review. Continue reading

Review: Austria- Zoe ‘Loin D’ici’

Zoe Austria Eurovision 2016Austria achieved an amazing feat in 2015 when they managed to be one of two countries to receive nul points, incredible given that 40 nations allotted points on the night and is something that we have not seen since 2003. In 2016 they will be looking to put this behind them and recreate the magic of the year before when Conchita gave them their second ever victory with ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’. Taking on this task will be Zoe with her song ‘Loin d’Ici’ which is curiously the only song this year that will be performed entirely in French. Continue reading

Review: Moldova- Lidia Isac ‘Falling Stars’

Moldova Eurovision 2016Moldova had a massive amount of songs to choose from in the national selection final. The trouble was, none of them were any good. All the entrants either couldn’t hold a note, were tone deaf, had an awful song, had no charisma or a combination of all the above. In the end they opted for the best of a bad bunch Lidia Isac’s ‘Falling Stars’.

Continue reading

Review: Georgia- Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz ‘Midnight Gold’

Georgia Eurovision 2016Georgia will be represented by Nika Kocharov and the Young Georgian Lolitaz at Eurovision 2016. They will sing their song ‘Midnight Gold’ and we take a look at it in our review.  Continue reading

Review: Germany- Jamie Lee Kriewitz ‘Ghost’

Germany Eurovision 2016Germany have moved on from the controversial comments made by Xavier Naidoo and his subsequent withdrawal from the Contest as the German representative. Instead they have opted for teenager Jamie Lee Kriewitz and her song ‘Ghost’. We take a look at the song in our review. Continue reading

Eurovision World Cup 2016: Group D

Eurovision 2016 World Cup Group D
Two songs will advance from Group D to the knock out stage of our Eurovision World Cup Contest. Group D consists of France, Moldova, Austria, Latvia and Azerbaijan. Listen to each of the songs in this group and vote for your favourite two in the poll below. Poll closes 4th April when the results will be unveiled. Continue reading