Poll Results: Norway, Finland and Sweden Results!

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Norway Finland Sweden Eurovision 2016Eurovision fans will be spoilt for choice tonight with seven Eurovision selection shows to chose from. Among these shows are three of the Scandinavian nations with Finland and Norway both hosting the final of their national selections and Sweden who will deliver the fourth of their Melodifestivalen shows. All of these shows will kick off at 20:00 CET tonight, but before they do, we reveal who has topped each of the nation’s polls.

Finland have whittled their songs down to just nine contenders in this year’s UMK final. However you reckon that it will be Mikael Saari who will be the Finnish pick for 2016. His song ‘On It Goes’ received 30.8% of the vote. In second place was Cristal Snow with ‘Love is Blind’ (23.1%), while Eini was in third place with ‘Draamaa’ (15.4%).

Meanwhile Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix showcase will deliver us ten performances tonight, but you reckon that Agnete will be the Norwegian pick for 2016. Her song ‘Icebreaker’ received 50% of the vote. Nearest rival was Laila Samuels who came in second with ‘Afterglow’ (23.7%)  and in third place with 4.6% of the vote was Suite 16 with ‘Anna Lee’.

Sweden’s Song Festival Melodifestivalen is in its fourth week and in the last of the four heats, seven acts will battle it out for the remaining two places in the final and other two slots in the second chance show next week. Topping our poll this week was Dolly Style with ‘Rollercoaster’ receiving 42.1% of the vote, meanwhile in second was Molly Sanden with ‘YOUniverse’ receiving 26.3%. Eclipse were third with 15.8% of the vote for song ‘Runaways’.

However will all these results ring true. You’ll have to watch tonight’s shows to find out. Links for each are below.


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