Germany Choose Jamie Lee Kriewitz for 2016



Germany Eurovision 2016German Eurovision selections have been marked with controversy for the past few years. In 2015, although they crowned Andreas Kummert as the winner, the Voice singer turned down on live TV the opportunity to represent his country at Eurovision. Second Place singer Ann Sophie took his place but received nul points in Vienna. In 2016 the German National broadcaster chose singer Xavier Naidoo to sing for them, but he was removed following a number of seemingly racist and homophobic comments. This led to a public selection show ‘Unser Lied für Stockholm’, which last night was won by Jamie Lee Kriewitz who will perform ‘Ghost’ in Stockholm in May.

The 17 year old Bennigsen-born singer and winner of the fifth season of the Voice of Germany won the contest with a huge margin (44.5%). Kriewitz competed against nine other songs and was one of three acts to advance to the superfinal round. In the end she was triumphant over  second place Alex Diehl and third place Avantasia.

Germany automatically qualify for the Eurovision Final as part of the ‘Big 5’. This will take place on 14th May 2016.

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