Latvia’s Supernova Show 2 Results!

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Latvia Eurovision Markus Riva

Latvia staged their second heat of Supernova on Sunday night and four more acts advanced to the semi final stage. Read on to see the results and if your favourite made it through…
The two acts that were voted into the next round by the public were Supernova dab hand Markus Riva with his song ‘I Can’ and MyRadiantU with ‘We Will Be Stars’. Of the remaining acts, another two qualified based on the jury’s pick. These places went to Samanta Tina’s ‘Love is Forever’ and Marta Ritova’s “Not From This World’.

Heat 2 Results


Samanta Tīna – The Love Is Forever

Markus Riva – I Can 

MyRadiantU – We Will Be Stars 

Marta Ritova – Not From This World


Madara Grēgere – You And I 

Crow Mother – Demons 

Mārtiņš Ruskis – Still Holding Stars 

DVINES – Set It On Fire

Miks Dukurs – Paradise 

Iluta Alsberga – On Hold

These acts will join Marta Grigale, Ivo Grīsniņš – Grīslis, Catalepsia  and Justs in the semi final. There are four places in the final. But who deserves a place? Vote in our poll:


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