Stadio Win Sanremo, But Francesca Michielin Will Represent Italy at Eurovision!

Stadio Eurovision 2016 ItalyItaly’s weeklong marathon song contest, Sanremo came to a close last night. The overall ‘Big Artists’ was won by Stadio with their song ‘Un giorno mi dirai’. They had advanced to the final round alongside Francesca Michielin who finished in second and duo Giovanni Caccamo & Deborah Iurato who finished third.

The show kicked off with the Repechage Contest which gave the one of the five eliminated acts a chance to rejoin the main contest. This honour was given to Irene Fornaciari, not that it mattered as she finished bottom of the table in the main ‘Big Artists’ contest.

Repechage Contest

Zero Assoluto ‘Di me e di te’
Irene Fornaciari ‘Blu’
Neffa ‘Sogni e nostalgia’
Dear Jack ‘Mezzo respiro’
Bluvertigo ‘Semplicemente’

Although Stadio won the contest and automatically earned the right to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest, the band turned this opportunity down. It wasn’t until the following morning at a press conference, that it was announced that the runner up Francesca Michielin will be the Italian representative in Sweden in May. It is expected that she will sing her Sanremo song ‘Nessun grado di separazione’ at Eurovision, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Big Artists Contest

Stadio – “Un giorno mi dirai”
Francesca Michielin – “Nessun grado di separazione”
Giovanni Caccamo & Deborah Iurato – “Via da qui”
Enrico Ruggeri – “Il primo amore non si scorda mai”
Lorenzo Fragola – “Infinite volte”
Patty Pravo – “Cieli immensi”
Clementino – “Quando sono lontano”
Noemi – “La borsa di una donna”
Rocco Hunt – “Wake Up”
Arisa – “Guardando il cielo”
Annalisa – “Il diluvio universale”
Elio e le Storie Tese – “Vincere l’odio”
Valerio Scanu – “Finalmente piove”
Alessio Bernabei – “Noi siamo infinito”
Dolcenera – “Ora o mai più (le cose cambiano)”
Irene Fornaciari – “Blu”

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