Poll: Which Eurovision Song is Your Fave (closes 22nd Feb)

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Eurovision 2016There are now a total of nine songs that have been selected for Eurovision. We want to know which is your favourite so far! Listen to the songs below and get voting. Poll closes Sunday 22nd Feb at 4pm.

Nicky Byrne- Sunlight (Ireland)

Eneda Tarifa- Peralle (Albania)

Laura Tesoro- What’s The Pressure? (Belgium)

Lighthouse X- Soldiers of Love (Denmark)

Ira Losco- Chameleon (Invincible) (Malta)

Rykka- The Last of Our Kind (Switzerland)

Zoe- Loin d’Ici (Austria)

Barei- Say Yay! (Spain)

Ivan- Help You Fly (Belarus)

18 thoughts on “Poll: Which Eurovision Song is Your Fave (closes 22nd Feb)

    1. I’m sorry that your preferred option Nicky Bryne didn’t win, but this is not a problem with the poll. The Albanian song received the most votes before the deadline closed and therefore beat Ireland. It was very close and there was only 20 votes in it. The poll lasts for a week, we do a vote count and publish the results. We then add any of the new songs selected that week and reopen the poll for another round of voting.


  1. I think this poll ended in Feb 28 instead of Feb 22. Seem i forgot the closed date. Well..too bad Nicky Byrne in 2nd position but anywayanyway Eneda Tarifa deserve in 1st.


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