Iceland’s Songvakeppnin Semi 2 Results!


Eurovision Iceland Greta Salome 2016The second of Iceland’s Songvakeppnin semi finals took place on Saturday night with three more acts moving on to the final. This includes Elisabet Ormslev, Alda Dis Arnardottir and Þórdís Birna Borgarsdóttir & Guðmundur Snorri Sigurðarson. Meanwhile Palmi Gunnarsson, Erna Mist & Magnus Thorlaeius and Helgi Valur Asgeirsson were eliminated from the contest.



Þórdís Birna Borgarsdóttir & Guðmundur Snorri Sigurðarson- ‘Spring yfir heiminn’ (All Over the World)

Alda Dís Arnardóttir- ‘Augnablik’ (One Moment)

Elísabet Ormslev- ‘Á ný’ (Again)


Pálmi Gunnarsson- ‘Ég leiði þig heim’ (I lead you home)

Erna Mist & Magnús Thorlacius- ‘Ótöluð orð’ (Unspoken words)

Helgi Valur Ásgeirsson- ‘Óvær’ (Uneasy)

These three acts will join the three qualifying acts from the first semi final; Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir & Hjörtur Traustason, Karlotta Sigurðardóttir and Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir in the final next Saturday.

Now that we have all the finalists, who would you like to see represent Iceland? Vote in our poll below.

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