Hungary’s A Dal Heat 3 Results!



Petruska A Dal Hungary Eurovision 2016Heat 3 of Hungary’s A Dal selection show took place on Saturday night with another six acts progressing to the semi final round next week. Read on to find out which acts will go through.


Petruska topped the leaderboard with a total of 42 points with his song ‘Trouble in my Mind’. Szilvia Agardi’s ‘Is it Love’ came in second, and Parno Grast, B the First and Nika also made it through, while Oliver Berkes and Andi Toth got through on the public vote. Meanwhile the four acts getting eliminated were Iv, Balint Gajer, Viki Singh and Julia Horanyi.


Petruska “Trouble in My Mind” 9 9 8 9 7 42 

Szilvia Agárdi “It Is Love” 8 9 8 8 7 40

Parno Graszt “Már nem szédülök” 7 9 8 9 5 38

B The First “You Told Me You Loved Me” 7 9 7 8 5 36

Nika “Emlékkép” 6 9 7 7 5 34

Olivér Berkes & Andi Tóth “Seven Seas” 5 7 9 6 7 34 


Ív “Love Kills Me” 

Bálint Gájer “Speed Bump” 

Viki Singh “Katonák”

Júlia Horányi “Come Along”

These acts will join Heat 1 qualifiers Freddie, Mushu, Benji, ByTheWay, Egy Másik Zenekar and Reni Tolvai, as well as Heat 2 qualifiers André Vásáry, Kállay Saunders Band, Karmapolis & Böbe Szécsi, Laci Gáspár, Passed and Gergő Oláh to compete in the two semi final shows. These semi finals will be held on 13th and 20th February and the line up for these will be revealed in due course.

Andras Kallay Saunders Eurovision 2016 Hungary

           The six acts will join (amongst others) Kallay Saunders Band in the semi final stage

Do you have a favourite yet? You can listen to all the songs here and vote in our A Dal poll.


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