Melodifestivalen Show 1: Results!


Melodifestivalen 2016
Melodifestivalen 2016 kicked off in style tonight with the first of their live semi finals from Gothenbergs’s Scandinavium. Presenter Gina Dirawi was joined by presenting legend Petra Mede who performed the opening number of the show.

No hanging around as they delved quickly into the competition proper will Samir and Viktor’s ‘Bada Nakna’. The lads treated us to some topless dancing for their upbeat number, while we had waterfalls cascading in the background and a woman break dancing in a pool of water. 

Samir and Viktor Eurovision 2016

Las Ketchup’s “The Ketchup Song’ was bizarrely referenced throughout the show. Anyway onto song two which was Pernille Andersson’s harp ballad ‘Mitt Guld’. This was followed by Mimi Werner’s Nashville inspired ‘Ain’t No Good’ complete with fringed sleeve and dive bar neon lights.

Song four was from singer/rap duo Albin and Mattias Andreasson with their song ‘Rik’ which had a lot of support from the crowd in the form of tin foiled signs. There was no song five as Anna Book was disqualified earlier in the week (she would perform ‘Himmel For Tva’ later in the show.

The last two songs came from Robin Bengtsson and Ace Wilder. The first of these saw Robin accompanied by his harmonica performed ‘Constellation Prize’ which has us wondering if he had got the correct word- consolation? Or was this a clever pun? Who knows!

Ace Wilder Eurovision 2016

They definitely saved the best for last as Ace Wilder pulled it out of the bag with the best staging of the night for ‘Don’t Worry’ which saved her dance in a box, and her moves being mirrored in a number of other boxes by pre-recorded replicas of herself. The song was also a great mix of clever rebellious lyrics that she is known for and sassy trumpets.

While we awaited the first round of results Gina and Petra treated us to another song- a send up of all things Eurovision. The results came in and due to only six songs competing- only one was eliminated and this was Pernille Andersson.

Another interval act to tally the second round of votes and this time it was- LAS KETCHUP! who took to the stage to perform their eurotrash hit ‘The Ketchup Song’. Now those reference make sense!

Now what everyone had been waiting for the results!

Directly through to the final of Melodifestivalen:

Ace Wilder- Don’t Worry

Robin Bengtsson- Constellation Prize

Second Chance:

Samir and Viktor- Baba Nakna

Albin and Mattias Andreasson- Rik


Mimi Werner- Ain’t No Good

Pernille Andersson- Mitt Guld


Anna Book- Himmel For Tva

Poll Results:

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