Finland’s UMK: Semi 1 Results!



Finland’s national selection show, UMK, got underway with its first semi final this evening. Six songs competed but only three could advance to the final. Read on to find out who went through.


Saara Aalto “No Fear”

Stella Christine “Ain’t Got Time for Boys”

Eini “Draamaa”


Clemso “Thief”

Pää-Äijät “Shamppanjataivas”

Mikko Herranen “Evil Tone”

The Finnish selection shows will continue next week with the second live show. Listen to the songs in the running and vote for your favourite below:

Semi Final 2 (13th Feb)

Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom- ‘Good Enough’ 

Attention 2- ‘Ready For the Show’

Cristal Snow- ‘Love is Blind’ 

Mikael Saari- ‘On it Goes’

Rafaela Truda- ‘Rise Up’ 

Ylona- ‘Blazing Fire’

Semi Final 3 (20th Feb)

Barbe-Q-Barbies- ‘Let Me Out’

Gušani Brothers- ‘Poom Poom’

Lieminen- ‘Pehmeiden arvojen vaalijat’ 

Pietarin Spektaakkeli- ‘Liian kuuma’ 

Sandhja- ‘Sing it Away’

Tuuli Okkonen- ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’

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