Hungary’s A DAL Kicked Off Tonight: Results!


Hungary A DAL Eurovision 2016A DAL is the Hungarian selection show for Eurovision which kicked off in style tonight with the first of its three live shows. The competition saw ten acts compete with six positions available to them in the next round. 

Freddie won the first heat with his song ‘Pioneer’.

In the first round of voting the five acts with the highest combined votes from the public and jury advanced to the final. This vote was saw the following acts advance:

Freddie ‘Pioneer’ 42 points
Benji ‘Kötéltánc’ 39 points
Egy Másik Zenekar ‘Kéne közös kép’ 36 points 
Mushu ‘Uncle Tom’ 36 points
Reni Tolvai ‘Fire’ 35 points

The second round of voting saw one more act advance, based on a further round of public voting. The remaining four acts were eliminated. These results are as follows:

ByTheWay ‘Free to Fly’ 31 points
Jázmin Török ‘Power Of Love’ 35 points
Odett ‘Stardust’ 34 points
Petra Veres-Kovács ‘Singing Peace’ 32 points
Fatima Mohamed ‘Ott leszek’ 30 points

Two more live heats will follow this format in the next two weeks- seeing a total of 18 acts qualify for the semi final stages. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite Hungarian act in our poll.

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