It’s for Laura Tesoro for Belgium in 2016!

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Eurovision Belgium 2016The Belgian national selection process Eurosong 2016 came to its conclusion tonight when Laura Tesoro was crowned its winner. Laura will go on to represent the nation in Stockholm in May with the song ‘What’s the Pressure?’.

Adil Aarab Eurovision Belgium 2016

               Adil Aarab and his body painted dancers during his performance of ‘In Our Nature’

For the past three weeks the five acts Amaryllis, Tom, Astrid, Adil and Laura have been competing in the live shows to perfect their act and song for tonight’s final. A number of experts have been on hand during each of the live shows to critique the acts and this week it was the turn of Turkish singer Hadise and Swede Christer Björkman.

In the first show we were treated to covers of Eurovision classic songs, while last week the acts performed their songs for the first time. This week the singers staged the songs how they wish it to be performed at Eurovision. This involved body painted dancers accompanying Adil Aaraab while he sang ‘In Our Nature’, meanwhile Laura upped her fun factor with a lively dance routine reminiscent of Fleur East.

Belgium Eurovision 2016

                       Tom Frantzis performs ‘I’m Not Lost’ is the staging understated or boring?

By contrast when Tom Frantzis’s performance while impressive vocally, doesn’t seem to have taken on the critique from last week that stated he needed to bring out all the stops in the staging. When he took to the stage to perform ‘I’m Not Lost’, it all seemed a little boring.

Next up was Astrid and the boredom continued. There is nothing to praise about the song or the staging both are enough to send you to sleep and the expert judges agreed. While they praised Astrid as a singer, Christer commented that there is nothing to make this stand out and if anything it appears like ‘an interval act’.

Belgium Eurovision 2016

                     Amaryllis gives us West End Theatre with retro lamps and spider webs!

Last to perform was Amaryllis with ‘Kick the Habit’. We were treated to probably the most interesting staging of the night complete with retro lamp shades which would dance about the stage later in the performance and a spider’s web appearing from nowhere, and dancers waltzing with lifesized candlesticks…very theatrical indeed! Loved it!

After a short interval, Eurosong 2016 returned and revealed the international jury votes and it was quite close between the top two:

Sweden: 12 points to Tom

Azerbaijan: 12 points to Tom

Greece: 12 points to Tom

Latvia: 12 points to Laura

France: 12 points to Laura

Netherlands: 12 points to Laura

UK: 12 points to Tom

Montenegro: 12 points to Laura

Ireland: 12 points to Laura

Hungary: 12 points to Laura

These were then combined with Belgian votes which were worth 60 points for fifth, 70 for fourth, 80 for third, 100 for second and 120 for first.

Overall Score:

1st Laura Tesoro: 107+120=227

2nd Tom Frantzis: 100+100= 200

3rd Adil Aarab: 79+80=159

4th Amaryllis Uitterlinden: 79+70= 149

5th Astrid Destruyer: 65+60= 125

This then saw Adil, Amaryllis and Astrid eliminated with Tom and Laura advancing to the super final where the public chose the winner out of the two remaining acts. It was then revealed that it would be Laura Tesoro going on to represent Belgium in 2016. Listen to the who song below and let us know if your favourite won by commenting below.


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