Eurovision 2016 Guide: San Marino

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Eurovision San Marino 2016

San Marino is the smallest nation currently competing in Eurovision. As such, they have limited resources from which to choose their entries from. In their six attempts since 2008, Valentina Monetta has represented them three times. Her third attempt in 2014 with ‘Maybe’ gave them their best result- 24th place, the only time that they have qualified for the final. San Marino’s other acts includedMichele Perniola & Anita Simoncini in 2015, Senit in 2011 and Miodio in 2008.


Eurovision San Marino 2016

                                         Will the 2016 San Marino choice fare better than Anita and Michele?

Typically San Marino choose their act through an internal selection process, overseen by SMRTV. This will also be the case in 2016. On 12th January they made the announcement that Turkish singer Serhat would be their entry.

The singer is known for his Latino Pop songs and his hits include singles: ‘Rüya-Ben Bir Daha’, 2004 duet with Viktor Lazlo ‘Total Disguise’,’Chocolate Flavour’, duet with Tamara Gverdsiteli ‘I Was So Lonely, ‘No No Never’ and most recent song ‘Je M’Adore’ in 2014.

His Eurovision Song has yet to be revealed, but is expected very soon.

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