Belgium: Eurosong Show 2


Belgium Eurovision 2016Belgian hopefuls Adil Aarab, Amaryllis Uitterlinden, Astrid Destruyer, Laura Tesoro and Tom Frantzis performed their Eurovision songs first time on the second live show of national selection contest Eurosong 2016 tonight.

First up was Amaryllis Uitterlinden who performed ‘Kick the Habit’, an upbeat ballad with a catchy chorus. The song is my favourite at the minute, I love a catchy chorus!

Following this was Adil Aarab who won us over with his cover of Johnny Logan’s ‘Hold Me Now’ last week. Adil sang ‘In Our Nature’, which he hopes will get him to Stockholm in May. The song is solid, but lacks that oomph that Eurovision needs. While the song’s lyrics have a nice message, they are also very repetitive.

We took a break from this year’s entry and were subjected to a bizarre cover of 1986 Eurovision hit Sandra Kim’s ‘J’aime La Vie’ performed stripped back and with just singer and piano by some eejit.

Back to the competition and it was Laura Tesoro who took to the stage to sing 90s-esque ‘What’s the Pressure?’. I wasn’t a fan of the song from what I heard from the previews of the songs that were released earlier in the week, but now I am in love. Song-writing expert Beverly Jo Scott was on hand to deliver her opinion. She stated that the song is great and perfect for Eurovision and that it ‘leaves you wanting to hear it again!’

Song 4 was ‘Everybody Aches’ by Astrid. There’s not much to say about the song, performance or artist. All are rather dull. Beverly Jo Scott agreed saying that the song sounds ‘unfinished’ and still ‘needs a lot of work’. She did however praise Astrid’s vocal.

The last song of the evening came from Tom Frantzis. The young singer-songwriter performed ‘I’m Not Lost’ which allowed him to showcase his vocal range and was heavily praised for being a great song by the panel of experts (think a lively Mumford and Sons song), but Beverly Jo was on hand again to keep it real, saying that he lacked any stage presence and needs to work on this for next week.

Motherboy Axel Hirsoux helped with the count down to signify that the phone lines had closed for the second show and 2Fabiola performed ‘She’s After My Piano’ while the results (that mean nothing by the way) were counted. This week’s vote was topped by Laura Tesoro.

We rank the competitors as follows:

  1. Amaryllis- ‘Kick the Habit’
  2. Laura Tesoro- ‘What’s the Pressure?’
  3. Adil Aarab- ‘In Our Nature’
  4. Tom Frantzis- ‘I’m Not Lost’
  5. Astrid- ‘Everybody Aches’


Next week is the final of the Eurosong 2016 shows. The acts will stage their songs how they wish them to be staged at Eurovision. The lines will then open for the public to vote for their favourite and the winning act will be announced at the end of the show. Who is your favourite? Vote in our poll!

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