Iveta Mukuchuyan: Armenia Will Release Song and Music Video Simultaneously


Armenia Eurovision 2016 Iveta

Armenia’s Eurovision 2016 act Iveta Mukuchyan has given us some insight into the plans for her song that she will unveil very soon. In a New Year’s message with Eurovision TV, the singer announced that they had received over three hundred song submissions from lots of famous producers from all over the world including USA, Sweden, Armenia and Germany.

Iveta declared that of all these songs they have managed to whittle it down to her two favourites, one that is from Sweden and one that is from Armenia. While she loves them both, she declared that they have made a decision on which they have chosen. Although she won’t say which one that they opted for just yet, she did say that it really spoke to her and will allow her to combine it with her performance to convey ‘real emotions’.

In the interview she also claimed that it was important to her to have all her team’s involvement and that everyone was able to voice their opinion on the song selection.

In terms of a release date, her lips are firmly shut, however she did say ‘…stay tuned, follow my social media pages. We have lots of surprises.’ She did reveal that they will release the music video and song simultaneously. She finished off by saying that we ‘…shouldn’t have to wait for good things’ so we can expect it to be revealed very soon.

Check out the full interview here:

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