Sergey Lazarev Playlist


Sergey Lazarev Russia Eurovision 2016
Ever since Sergey Lazarev was announced as the Russian entry for 2016, he has become our early favourite. His devilish good looks, his instantly memorable pop songs, his superb dance moves and videos that have a great sense of humour have given him a permanent space on our Eurovision playlists. Check out his back catalogue of hits below!

She’s All That (TBC, 2015)

7 Wonders (The Best, 2014)

Stumblin’ (Lazarev., 2013)

Cure the Thunder ft. T-Pain (Lazarev., 2013)

Take It Off (Lazarev., 2012)

Moscow to California (Lazarev., 2012)

Electric Touch (Electric Touch, 2011)

Heartbeat (Electric Touch, 2011)

Instantly (Electric Touch, 2010)

Feelin’ High (Electric Touch, 2010)

Alarm (Electric Touch, 2010)

Naydi menya (Electric Touch, 2009)

Stereo (Electric Touch, 2009)

Lazerboy ft. Timati (Electric Touch, 2008)

Sorry (TV Show, 2007)

Girlfriend (TV Show, 2007)

TV or Radio (TV Show, 2007)

Everytime (TV Show, 2007)

Shattered Dreams (TV Show, 2006)

Fake (Don’t Be Fake, 2006)

Just Because You Walk Away (Don’t Be Fake, 2006)

Lost Without Your Love (Don’t Be Fake, 2005)

Eye of the Storm (Don’t Be Fake, 2005)

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