Eneda Tarifa Will Represent Albania in 2016!


Albania Eurovision 2016 Eneda
Eneda Tarifa has been chosen as the act who will represent Albania in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. The decision was made with the conclusion of the 54th annual Festival i Kenges which took place over the past three nights. Following two semi finals on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, tonight saw 22 acts compete in the final. 

‘Perralle’ is the first song to be chosen for this year’s contest and Albania will join Netherlands, Bosnia Herzegovina, Cyprus, Montenegro, Armenia, Macedonia, Russia and Georgia who have also announced their acts for the 2016 contest.

Eneda Tarifa will follow in the footsteps of last year’s Albanian entry Elhaida Dani who finished 17th with her song ‘I’m Alive’. This was a change in song from ‘Diell’ which she won the Festivali i Kenges 53. Will there be a similar change this year? We’ll have to wait and see!

Broadcasters RTSH have been heavily criticised by Eurovision fans on social media for their long drawn out selection process which ran too long which isn’t as slick or as polished as some of the other countries’ selection processes, for having too many boring interval acts and outdated hosts.



The result came as a shock and a disappointment with many touting Flaka Krelani as the preferred choice. Do you agree with the final decision? How do you rank Albania’s chances for Eurovision 2016? Let us know with your comments below!



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