Eurovision 2016 Guide: Moldova

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Moldova 2016 Eurovision

Moldova made their Eurovision debut in 2005 and to date it is still their best result with a sixth place finish for ‘Bunica Bate Toba’ by Zdob şi Zdub. Since then they have competed every year, but missed out on the final three times, having not qualified from their semi final. This includes their last two attempts with Cristina Scarlat in 2014 and last year Eduard Romanyuta narrowly missed out on a place in the final having finished 11th in his semi final with ‘I Want Your Love’. They return to the contest in 2016, find out more by reading on…

TRM, the Moldovan national broadcaster will choose its Eurovision 2016 song and participant through the O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016 competition. The first round of the selection process which would shortlist 50 entries didn’t take place as they only received 47 entries. Round two then took place on 19th December saw all 47 acts compete in front of a jury panel who whittled them down to 24. These 24 acts will compete in the two televised live semi finals on 23rd and 25th February. Eight songs will qualify to the final from each semi-final. Seven of the qualifiers will qualify based on the combined votes from the jury and televoting results, while the eighth qualifier in each semi-final will be the entry that achieved the highest televote score from the remaining entries after a second round of public televoting takes place during an after-show.  The sixteen qualifying entries will compete in the final on 27 February 2016 where the winner will be selected by the 50/50 combination of jury votes and a public televote.

Eduard Romanyuta 2016 Eurovision Moldova

 Kitty Brucknell lost out to Eduard Romanyuta to be the 2015 Moldovan entry, but who is in the running in 2016?

The rules from the 2015 edition that allowed for international artists to apply were modified, allowing an international act to compete only if they were part of a duo or group where 50% of the lead vocalists were of Moldovan nationality. Songwriters could hold any nationality, and artists could submit more than one song, however, if they were chosen as a semi-finalist with more than one song, the artist would have to choose one entry to continue with in the competition.

Familiar Eurovision faces competing in the process including  Natalia Barbu competing as part of ELLE (Moldova 2007 entry) DoReDos (finished 6th in O Melodie Pentru Europa 2015) and Litesound (Belarus Eurovision entry 2012).

Below is a list of all the songs competing in the process, which you can listen to and vote for your favourite in the poll below.

Andrei Ionița & Onoffrei ‘Lie’

Anna Gulko ‘Never Let Go’

Beatrice ‘Save My Heart for You’

Big Flash Sound ‘Când vrei’ (When you want)

Che-MD ‘Vodă e cu noi’ (Come with us)

Chris Maroo ‘Tonight’

Criss Jeff ‘Good Life’

Cristina Pintilie & Alex Calancea Band ‘Picture of Love’

Diana Brescan ‘Till the End’

Doinița Gherman ‘Irresistible’

DoReDoS ‘FunnyFolk’

ELLE ‘Tare’ (Hard)

Emilia Russu ‘I Am Not the Same’

Felicia Dunaf ‘You and Me’

Katherine & Litesound ‘Imagine’

Lidia Isac ‘Falling Stars’

Max Fall feat. Dan Vozniuc & Malloy ‘Game Lover’

Maxim Zavidia ‘La La Love’

Nadia Moșneagu ‘Memories’

PRIZA ‘Rewind’

Rodica & Ivan Aculov ‘Stop Lying’

Valentin Uzun ‘Mine’

Valeria Pașa ‘Save Love’

Viola ‘In the Name of Love’


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