Eurovision 2016 Guide: Norway

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Norway Eurovision 2016

Despite three wins at Eurovision (Bobbysocks 1985, Garden 1995 and Alexander Rybak in 2009), Norway have one of the worst records in Eurovision. They have come in last place a whopping 11 times and on four of those occasions they were awarded the dreaded nul points. Recently though Norway have sent some solid songs and have racked up a three consecutive top ten finishes in the past three years including Margaret Berger, Carl Espen and last year’s duet between Morland and Debrah Scarlett. They return to the Contest for a 55th time in 2016, so let’s find out what they have in store.

Eurovision 2016 Guide: Hungary

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Hungary Eurovision 2016

Hungary have competed in Eurovision 13 times since their first appearance in 1994 (with a break from 1999-2004 and also in 2006 and 2010). Their 1994 début entry still marks their best result with the song ‘Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet? finishing fourth for Friderika Bayer. More recently Hungary achieved a top five finish in 2014 when András Kállay-Saunders represented them with ‘Running’. Kallay Saunders is back to compete in A Dal 2016. So let’s take a look at the selction process in 2016!

Eurovision 2016 Guide: Israel

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Israel Eurovision 2016

Israel have a pretty impressive three wins under their belt since they first competed at Eurovision in 1973. This includes back to back victories for Izhar Cohen and the Alphabeta’s ‘A-Ba-Ni-Bi’ in 1978 and Gali Atari and Milk and Honey’s ‘Hallelujah’ in 1979. Their most recent win was when Dana International won in 1998 with Europop anthem ‘Diva’.

Since then they haven’t fared so well with a four year run from 2011 to 2014 where they failed to qualify for the final. Even having Dana International return in 2011 with ‘Ding Dong’ couldn’t get them out of the rut. 2015 saw 16 year old Nadav Guedj win Israel’s Rising Star contest and he was selected to represent his country with ‘Golden Boy’, which resulted in their best outcome in over a decade when it finished ninth. Can they keep this momentum going and propel their 2016 entry even higher into the top ten?

Eurovision 2016 Guide: Iceland

Eurovision Guide 2016, News

Iceland Eurovision 2016

Iceland has appeared in Eurovision 28 times since they first competed in 1986. Although they came last on two occasions in 2001 and finishing with nul points in 1989, they have also had a decent run of success. Their best result was coming in in second place which happened in 1999 with ‘All Out Of Luck’ by Selma and again in 2009 with Yohanna’s ‘Is It True?’. More recently they have continually been finishing mid-bottom end of the leader board in the final. Their entry last year ‘Unbroken’ by Maria Olafs unfortunately failed to reach the final, despite being one of my favourite songs of the contest.