Eurovision 2016 Guide: Georgia

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Georgia Eurovision 2016

Georgia’s history at Eurovision is still in its infancy. They made their contest debut in 2007 when Sopho Khalvashi’s ‘Visionary Dream’ secured them twelfth place. Apart from 2009, when they withdrew over controversial lyrics regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin, Georgia have competed in every contest since. Their best position to date is ninth which they obtained on back to back occasions in 2010 with Sopho Nizharadze’s ‘Shine’ and 2011 with Eldrine’s ‘One More Day’. They have had their fair share of stinkers as well, having failed to qualify from the semi finals twice. In particular their 2014 entry by The Shin and Mariko ‘Three Minutes to Earth’ was hailed as a disaster by most critics and finished dead last in its semi final. They returned to form in 2015 when Nina Sublatti’s ‘Warrior’ gave them 11th place.

It was announced 15th December that Georgia had chosen Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz through an internal selection process to be their 2016 representative. This came as a shock to some of the online Eurovision pundits who had been expecting the choice to be a female singer, many rumouring Tamta and others hoping for Katie Melua.

During the press conference that announced the act, the broadcaster also stated that a public song submission would be opened from 15 December 2015 until 8 January 2016. They specifically want to receive submissions that fit the indie rock with electronic beats style of the band. The top five entries selected from the submissions will be performed in a televised show where the votes of an international jury and a public televote will decide the winning song.

Georgia Eurovision 2016

                Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitas will represent Georgia at Eurovision in 2016

Georgian broadcaster received over 100 song submission, which they whittled down to five front runners. These will be presented on 3rd February, and the public will be asked to vote for their favourite. These public votes will then be combined with expert jury votes and the winning song being announced on 15th February.

The band are made up of lead vocalist and guitarist Nika Kocharov, backing vocalist and bass guitarist Gia Iashvili, keyboardist Nick Davitashvili and drummer Dima Oganesian. They are known for producing indie rock music with electronic beats, synth and post disco dance music’.

On 3rd Feb, Georgia revealed the five songs in the running for 2016:

Sugar And Milk

Midnight Gold

Right Of Wrong

Pain In My Heart


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