Eurovision 2016 Guide: Cyprus

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Cyprus Eurovision 2016

Cyprus have competed in Eurovision 32 times since they debuted in 1981 with Island. Since then Cyprus’s best result has been fifth place on three occasions with Anna Vissi in 1982, Hara & Andreas Constantinou in 1997 and in 2004 with Lisa Andreas. More recently Cyprus hasn’t fared as well, failing to qualify from the semi final stage on six occasions out of their last ten attempts. Last year’s entry saw Giannis Karagiannis finish in 22nd place with his song ‘One Thing I Should Have Done’.

Unlike last year, where the act was chosen by public vote through national competition The Eurovision Song Project, it was announced that in 2016 Cyprus would choose their entry by an internal selection process. On the 4th November it was confirmed that that act would be Minus One and that their song would be chosen at a later date.

Cyprus Eurovision 2016 Minus One

                                                        Cyprus choose Minus One for 2016!

You may recall that Minus One competed to be the Eurovision entry for Cyprus in 2015, but missed out to Giannis Karagiannis. Their song ‘Shine’, a mid-tempo rock ballad finished in third place in the Eurovision Song project and also saw the band perform the 1965 Eurovision classic ‘Poupée de cire, poupée de son’ from Luxembourg’s France Gall.

Minus One are a five piece made up of vocalist Francois Micheletto, guitarist Harrys Pari, guitarist and vocalist Constantinos Amerikanos, bassist Antonis Loizides, and drummer Chris J.  Formerly known as Marianne’s Wish, an alternative/experimental rock band, the band formed in early 2011. The band’s debut album ‘Add To Wishlist’ was released in February 2012. This was followed by the band’s second album entitled ‘Mind Your Head’ released in early 2014 and included eleven new tracks. Minus One are known for their high energy performances and the great chemistry among the band’s members, which is evident in theri cover of The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’ below.


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