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Belarus Eurovision 2016

‘I LOVE BELARUS!’ exclaimed the 2011 entry for the country Anastasia Vinnikova. Despite not making through to the final that year, you can’t deny that Belarus always give us some memorable acts in their 12 year history at Eurovision. Who can forget Mr. Cheesecake himself TEO who in 2014 finished in 16th place with his dessert based pop nugget? Then there was of course infectious ‘Solayoh’ from Alyona just the year before that matched TEO’s position. Their best ever result came from Dmitry Koldan who saw Belarus ‘Work Your Magic’ and finish in a solid sixth place in 2007. However with the good comes the bad and Belarus have had their fare share of bad in Eurovision as well. Eight of their twelve Eurovision attempts failed to qualify for the final show and this was the case last year with Uzari and Maimuna’s ‘Time’.

Belarus are back for 2016, so let’s see what gems they have lined up for us, shall we?

The format for 2016 saw 84 entries submitted to the Belorussian national broadcaster BTRC. All of these songs were performed by the artists in front of a jury comprising of former Eurovision greats TEO, Alyona Lanskaya and Dmitry Koldun. From these songs, ten were chosen on 1st December to progress to the next stage which will see the top ten perform live on TV for public televote on 22nd January 2016.

TEO Cheesecake Belarus 2016

This year’s ten competitors were:

Alexander Ivanov- How to Fly

Alexey Gross- Flame

Anastasiya Malashkevich- Pray for Love 

Kirill Yermakov- Running to the Sun 

Napoli- My Universe

Navi- Geta zyamlya (This land)

Radiovolna- Radiowave (Don’t be mad) 

Sasha Zakharik- Glory Night

The EM- Turn Around

Valeriya Sadovskaya- Not Alone

On the 22nd January Belarus showcased the ten songs in their national final and the public vote decided that it would be Ivan’s ‘How to Fly’ that would represent Belarus in 2016.

This is how you voted in our poll:


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