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Switzerland Eurovision 2016
**Updated on 11th Dec to reflect Stephanie Palazzo’s disqualification

*updated 6th Dec to reflect results of Expert Check

Switzerland failed to qualify for the Eurovision Final in 2015 when Melanie Rene’s ‘Time to Shine’ finished 17th out of seventeen songs in the second semi final. Switzerland have finished last on another seven occasions, and in addition to that have received nul points four times. On the positive side of things, the Swiss have won the contest twice with Celine Dion in 1988 and the very first contest in 1956 with Lys Assia. In recent years ‘Hunter of Stars’ by Sebalter in 2014 has been their best result, finishing in 13th place. Switzerland are back in 2016 and hoping to reverse the fortunes of the past few attempts.

The Swiss national selection process called ‘ESC 2016 – Die Entscheidungsshow’ is the sixth time Switzerland have tried this format in choosing their Eurovision entry. A whopping four national broadcasters share the onerous task of choosing the representative for 2016. This includes the Swiss-German broadcaster Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF), the Swiss-French broadcaster Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), the Swiss-Italian broadcaster Radiotelevisione svizzera (RSI) and the Swiss-Romansh broadcaster Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha (RTR).

The selection process takes place in three stages. The first stage sees the four national broadcasters carry out a search for a number of candidates who are suitable to move on to the next stage. SRF/RTR submitted ten candidates, RTS submitted six candidates and RSI submitted three candidates.

The second stage is the Expert Check live audition, which took place earlier tonight on 6th December 2015. The nineteen candidates performed the songs that qualified from their respective broadcaster selections. A jury panel then selected the six artists that will compete in the televised national final on 13th February 2016.

Sebalter 2014

                                  Sebalter, Switzerland’s most successful act in the past 10 years

The final will consist of two parts. The first will see the competitors perform their original song in contention to be selected for Eurovision 2016. The Second will see the competitors return to the stage to perform a second song, a cover version. The winning song will be selected 50% by international jury and 50% of a televote.

Below is the full list of the nineteen songs that competed in tonight’s Expert Check:

1. Loïc Schumacher “Génération demain” (Tomorrow generation)
2. Stéphanie Palazzo “Perché mi guardi così?” (Why do you look at me so?)
3. Kaceo “Disque d’or” (Disc of gold)
4. Stéphanie Sandoz “Flashback”
5. Bella C “Another World”
6. Gina von Glasow “Left with an Idiot”
7. Nathalie Cadlini “Share Love”
8. Theo “Because of You”
9. Elias “Elephant”
10. Stanley Miller “Feel the Love”
11. Maika “The Reason”
12. Erica Arnold “Ich bin ich” (I Am Me)
13. Platzhirsch “Holz vor dr Hütta” (Wood in front of the cottage)
14. Samuel Tobias Klauser “Asking Me Why”
15. Rykka “The Last of Our Kind”
16. Evelyn Zangger “Have a Little Faith in Me”
17. Sunanda “Ooops!?!”
18. Vincent Gross “Half a Smile”
19. Patric Scott feat. Abdullah Alhussainy “No Boundaries”

The six songs that will compete in the final were announced on 6th December. However on 11th December Stephanie Palazzo was disqualified as her song was in the public domain before the deadline of 1st September. She has been replaced by Kaceo who will compete in her place with song ‘Disque D’Or’.


Kaceo- Disque D’Or

Bella C- Another World

Theo- Because of You 

Stanley Miller- Feel the Love 

Rykka- The Last of Our Kind 

Vincent Gross- Half a Smile

Which of the six is your favourite? Be sure to vote in our poll and leave your comments below.

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