Celebrating the Nul Pointers in Vienna!

nul pointers vienna

The Nul Pointers Exhibition in Vienna

This year I was lucky enough to be one of the many Eurovision fans traveling to Vienna for the Eurovision Song Contest. On arrival myself and my companions were intrigued by the activities that the city had put on as part of the Eurovision celebrations. There was live music and live screenings at the Rathaus, quizzes, Conchita lookalike competitions and a number of exhibitions including one at the Vienna’s House of Music which celebrated 60 years of the Austrian entries in video clips and memorabilia. The MuseumQuartier even transformed their seating area in the courtyard to have benches that represented each of the participating countries in the contest (Ireland’s was the only one to have a roof, probably to highlight our pleasant climate!) The exhibition however that intrigued us the most was the ‘Nul Pointer’ exhibition at the Leopold Museum.

Ireland Vienna Eurovision

Ireland’s Weatherproof Bench in MusuemsQuartier courtyard

This exhibition was put together by caricaturist and author Tex Rubinowitz who was inspired by Eurovision’s biggest losers- the acts who achieved the infamous honour of having not received a single point from the other competing countries. The exhibition which ran for the duration of the Eurovision 2015 festivities and showcased the 34 artists who received nul points in caricature paintings on wooden canvas. This spanned all the way back to the first nul pointers in 1962 (Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria) and went right up to the most recent nul pointers- the United Kingdom’s Jemini in 2003. The exhibition also featured video clips from each of these artists. We thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit as it was fun, a bit unusual and of course had Eurovision at its heart.


Tex Rubinowitz’s caricature of UK’s Jemini

If Rubinowitz is to showcase this exhibition again, he will have to make room for two new additions as both Germany’s Ann Sophie and Austria’s The MakeMakes both joined this club with neither of their songs gained any points in this year’s Eurovision final. This is the first time an act has received no points in twelve years. Quite an historic (de)feat!

Were you at Eurovision 2015? Why not share your experiences of it below!

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