Best Azerbaijan Entry: Song

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Azerbaijan Eurovision Just three more rounds to go in this competition to assess which of the Azerbaijan Eurovision entries is the best. We have already taken a look at the lyrics, the live performance, the music video, the finishing place and now we turn our attention to the song itself before looking tomorrow at the legacy of each act and tallying your votes from our poll on Sunday. Read on to find out how we ranked each song, see how that alters the overall table and to vote in the poll.

So here are the results:

12 points- Ell and Nikki- Running Scared (2011)

10 points- Farid Mamadov- Hold Me (2013)

8 points- Safura- Drip Drop (2010)7 points- Elnur- Hour of the Wolf (2015)

6 points- Aysel and Arash- Always (2009)

5 points- Elnur and Samir- Day After Day (2008)

4 points- Sabina Babayeva- When the Music Dies (2012)

3 points- Dilara Kazimova- Start a Fire (2014)

Now let’s see how that effects the overall rankings. Still in the lead are Ell and Nikki with 50 points. Just two points behind that is Farid Mamadov and in third is Safura’s ‘Drip Drop’ with 38. Check back tomorrow when we’ll award points for the penultimate round: the legacy each act has left and be sure to vote in our poll below.




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