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Azerbaijan Eurovision The lyrics of a song are something that can contribute to its success and in Eurovision this is no exception. It has been well documented that Eurovision songs have some of the most bizarre, quirky and altogether strange lyrics of all. Take for instance the Belarussian entry from 2014 that saw a grown man sing about his love of cheesecakes, or the German entry from 1979 that saw a whole song dedicated to Genghis Khan. These are only a few examples from the past 60 years. Despite a reputation for gimmicky songs like the ones just mentioned, Eurovision also gives us some great lyrics that could stand the test of time outside of the contest. One only has to think of the winners from the last few years: Loreen, Lena, Conchita and this year’s winner Mans Zelmerlow who have dominated the European charts with their great songs. Classic songs as well such as ABBA’s ‘Waterloo’, LuLu’s ‘Boom Bang a Bang’ and Celine Dion’s ‘Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi’ owe their success to their clever lyrics. Now and again (despite rules to the contrary) we get some songs whose lyrics spark a bit of political controversy. Recently there has been the subsequently banned Georgian entry from 2009 which proclaimed that ‘We Don’t Wanna Put In’ directed at the Russian leader and even more recently than that we had ‘Don’t Deny’ from Armenian supergroup Genealogy who had to alter the song’s title for allusions to the denial of the Armenian genocide in 1915. In this article we will take a look at the Azerbaijani songs from the last eight years, picking out the best lyric from each song and awarding them points ranging from 12 to 3 (Eurovision style) on that basis.

Elnur- Hour of the Wolf (2015)-

10 points for the nice little piece of personification here. Ah Peace is a man!

I once met peace, he said that he
Soon would have the answers to this hurt
And my mind was made up, I would never give up

Dilara Kazimova- Start a Fire (2014)-

Maybe? No definitely… Rubbish lyrics gets rubbish points- 3 points.

Maybe nightfall darkens skies
And maybe teardrops stain our eyes
But may the slightest light start a fire

Farid Mamadov- Hold Me (2013)-

Great quick, jumpy lines! Hard to fault this song- 12 points.

Hold me.

Just unfold me.

Unchain my soul,

Give me love, make me whole.

Hold me.

If it’s only,

For this moment in time,

Now I’m yours and you’re mine.

Sabina Babayeva- When the Music Dies (2012)-

For pointing out just how truly the world would be dark without music: 6 points!

When the music dies
It’s all black and white
And there’s no sunrise
When the music dies

Ell and Nikki- Running Scared (2011)-

Great opening ‘eh eh, oh eh eh…’- 8 points!

Come to me, come to me tonight
Oh god I need you, anyway… baby
I just wanna be, be around you all the time
Oh god I need you.. oh…

Safura- Drip Drop (2010)-

Lipstick has a distinct smell? For drawing our attention to this- 7 points!

Tell me where have you been?
Why are you late?
You smell like lipstick, again
Come on, answer my question say something
Why are you acting out? Or say it’s in my head

Aysel and Arash- Always (2009)-

The use of ‘mountain high’ is a bit awkward and so can only bring myself to award them 5 points.

Always on my mind, always in my heart,

And I can hear you call my name on a mountain high.

Elnur and Samir- Day After Day (2008)-

How dramatic! A little bit OTT- 4 points!

Our dreams can play with us,

Even if we think that we can keep control,

From all the horrors in the world,

Salvation is love.

How has the awarding of these points for lyrics effected the overall results table? Well thanks to an awesome 12 points this round Farid Mamadov has now caught up with Ell and Nikki and they are in joint first place with 38 points each, while Elnur and Samir are joint third with Safura, both on 29 points. Given how tight it is at the top, your vote can make all the difference, so help your favourite out in our poll below.



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