Azerbaijan Eurovision

Best Azerbaijan Entry?


Azerbaijan Eurovision Since they started competing in the Eurovision in 2008, Azerbaijan have had one of the best track records. They have made the final in each of their eight attempts, including a win in 2011, a second place in 2013 and a third place finish in 2009. We have decided to rank the entries based on a number of criteria; finishing position, artistry, song, lyrics, video and performance. We will reveal these results over the next few days, but we want your input too. We want to know which of the eight Azeri entries is your favourite? These will then be tallied and we will reveal the order. To refresh your memory on the entries, check out the videos below.

Elnur- Hour of the Wolf (2015)

Dilara Kazimova- Start a Fire (2014)

Farid Mamadov- Hold Me (2013)

Sabina Babayeva- When the Music Dies (2012)

Ell and Nikki- Running Scared (2011)

Safura- Drip Drop (2010)

Aysel and Arash- Always (2009)

Elnur and Samir- Day After Day (2008)


Let us know what you think...

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