Germany and Austria First Nul Pointers since 2003


Eurovision 205 Austria MakemakesThe final result for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is in and some countries will be disappointed that the didn’t do as well as they expected. In fact Austria’s The MakeMakes and Ann Sophie from Germany not only finished in dead last but they will also join the exclusive club of songs to have scored no points at all.

This is something that has been increasingly harder to do, as most of the least popular songs (that are more likely to receive no points) get eliminated in the semi finals, something that was introduced in 2004. Not only this but in recent years Eurovision has seen far more countries compete and vote in the final and therefore the likelihood of countries receiving points even if just one is more likely. However both ‘I Am Yours’ and ‘Black Smoke’ will join such songs as ‘Cry Baby’ by Jemini (UK), West Germany’s Nora Nova “Man gewöhnt sich so schnell an das Schöne” (such a catchy title) and Norway’s 1998 entry from Tor Endresen “San Francisco”.  Vienna’s Leopold Museum currently run an exhibition on the nul pointers and after tonight they may have some updating to do.

Austria have the extra undesirable distinction of being the first host and previous winner to finish dead last since 1958.

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